Followup: shot volume with Hibbert on and off court

A friend noted that in the graphs in my previous post, it is difficult to tell how shot volume changes with Hibbert on and off court. My initial goal was to have the same amount of paint on the on and off court graphs, so the volume of colored area could be compared directly. That would let us see, for example, if opposing teams take more shots in the paint when Hibbert sits.

Unfortunately, I can’t figure out a way to do this. The problem is that so much of the shot volume is near the basket (about 40% within 8 feet). This makes it difficult to represent shot volume proportionally, as the squares near the basket would have to be enormous. In the graphs on the previous post, I had to use a log scale to make the graphs visually interpretable.

Another possibility, however, is some kind of heat map. The heat maps below show shot locations of the opposing team with Hibbert on and off the court.

Hibbert on court

Hibbert on court heat
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