Quick #makeovermonday in Playfair

Andy Kriebel runs a twitter hashtag #makeovermonday where he revises an existing data visualization every Monday and invites his Twitter followers to do the same. The competition is Tableau-centric (or maybe even exclusive) but I’m going to inject a teensy bit of Playfair into it as an excuse to make a new Playfair graph every now and then and show off some of the app’s capabilities.

This week’s visualization is pretty basic – it started out as a mildly crummy bubble chart and the obvious thing to do is to make it a bar chart. I added a tiny bit of complexity by dividing my bars into owned and chartered capacity (all available at the original datasource, alphaliner), ordering the dataset by owned capacity, and fading out the chartered portion of the bars a little bit (you don’t have to do this by bar in Playfair, you can just fade out the chartered key element by right-clicking on it). This lends some additional visual importance to owned capacity. I have no domain knowledge here so I’m not sure if this division between owned and chartered capacity is interesting, but it seemed like a significant division in the data.

Here’s my version of the visualization:


There’s nothing particularly tricky about making this in Playfair save for the order of the categories on the y-axis. Because Playfair isn’t meant to be used to manipulate data, it handles categorical data in a very simple way: it orders things as it finds them. So to get the ordering you see here, I sorted the rows of my dataset on owned TEU. Similarly, the ‘owned’ category has to occur first for Playfair to render it as the first stacked bar component. Here’s the data as it is entered into Playfair:

Operator TEU type
APM-Maersk 1754006 Owned
Mediterranean Shg Co 1055967 Owned
CMA CGM Group 1011166 Owned
Evergreen Line 557365 Owned
Hapag-Lloyd 506011 Owned
COSCO Container Lines 463317 Owned
UASC 419203 Owned
OOCL 397531 Owned
PIL (Pacific Int. Line) 296643 Owned
Hamburg SŸd Group 292311 Owned
Hanjin Shipping 274078 Owned
NYK Line 267544 Owned
Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp. 203810 Owned
Wan Hai Lines 168590 Owned
Hyundai M.M. 165080 Owned
MOL 151316 Owned
IRISL Group 99867 Owned
K Line 80150 Owned
Arkas Line / EMES 64276 Owned
SITC 62082 Owned
APM-Maersk 1427414 Chartered
Mediterranean Shg Co 1738262 Chartered
CMA CGM Group 1200932 Chartered
Evergreen Line 419490 Chartered
Hapag-Lloyd 411872 Chartered
COSCO Container Lines 1080189 Chartered
UASC 125341 Chartered
OOCL 173076 Chartered
PIL (Pacific Int. Line) 64700 Chartered
Hamburg SŸd Group 309605 Chartered
Hanjin Shipping 342582 Chartered
NYK Line 248000 Chartered
Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp. 366445 Chartered
Wan Hai Lines 57942 Chartered
Hyundai M.M. 272432 Chartered
MOL 368938 Chartered
IRISL Group 0 Chartered
K Line 279711 Chartered
Arkas Line / EMES 12874 Chartered
SITC 25494 Chartered
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