A YouTube tutorial for using Playfair

Alberto Cairo called out this crappy Fox News chart the other day and solicited remakes:

He collected the resulting submissions in a blog post. One submission that caught my eye was Catherine Mulbrandon’s. This submission has some shading and a fair amount of annotation on it, both of which showcase Playfair’s talents. It also serves as a simple example of how to create a line graph with two series.

I re-created the graph in Playfair and recorded the process for YouTube. Unlike my previous YouTube of the fivethirtyeight graph, I talk in this one, and hopefully it’s a bit easier to follow if you want to learn to use Playfair. This tutorial, along with my first blog post on Playfair and the text tutorial, should provide a good entry point to making graphs in Playfair. Here’s the video:

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