New NBA Shot Charts

I’ve just released a new version of my NBA shot chart app. Unfortunately, Nylon Calculus is unable to host the app at this time, so you can find it by clicking “shot charts” in the menu bar or by visiting Rather than read this boring blog post, you should probably just go play with it. If you want more of an introduction however, I have some version notes after the jump.

New look Cavaliers shot chart

So what all is new? Tons of stuff! Here’s a full list:

  • 2014-15 season data. Data is updated nightly, so by around 4AM Eastern you can get the previous night’s games.
  • View a player’s career (data starts in 1997) by picking ‘career’ from the year dropdown.
  • Filter by regular season/post season.
  • Hide player names. This will replace the player’s name with “A mystery player!” and round off the number of shots in the details box so you can challenge people to a guessing game (alas, the subreddit appears to have perished).
  • View the combined shots of up to 5 players. These are strictly hypothetical! It simply collects all the shots taken by the players you select (with other filters applied) and turns them into a single shot chart. It is not based on actual lineup data.
  • Filter by quarter. Also available in the same dropdown menu: shots in the last 4 minutes of the 4th quarter.
  • Filter by date. A calendar will pop up to assist you in picking dates.
  • Team shot charts. Filter by quarter, regular/post season, date, and choose team defense or team offense.
  • Mouse over a region (currently within 8 feet of the basket, midrange, and 3PT) to see aggregate stats for that region. You can click on the region to lock it in, which will allow you to save a PNG of the chart with that region highlighted.

Also of note is that all the code for the frontend is available at my github: I am not really a frontend developer and I suspect the code is all quite bad, but maybe it will be useful to someone. Enjoy the new charts!

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