Scaling and displaying Adjusted Defensive Impact

I rigged up a convenient tool for displaying my adjusted defensive impact graphs. The graphs are drawn as SVGs, and the code is all written to produce graphs that are 750 pixels wide. Unfortunately that has meant that when someone else wants to display a graph (or if I want to use it in a different context), the graphs resize poorly.

So I kluged together a little API of sorts that will draw them at any width you like. Unfortunately I’m still having trouble converting them to PNGs, so you’ll still have to take screen caps of graphs you want to display, but at least it will look right now.

So how do you do it? Just adjust the values in the URL below. The ‘width’ parameter can be changed to anything at all (although it will probably look a bit weird under 500 pixels or so), and just input a player’s full name for the player parameter. Make sure you capitalize the first and last and put %20 between the names. The example below and its associated graph is shown.

Taj Gibson

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