Defense Viz for 2/23 Games

Lazy Sunday, time to post some more NBA defenses. The first game today is OKC v. LAC, two very good defenses and an opportunity to see how good defenses actually operate very differently. First up is the Clippers, who are not a particularly good defensive team in the paint but are currently leading the league in 3pt defense, where they absolutely shut down the opposition. As a refresher, the numbers are PPS from the square they are on. The Clippers defend the arc so well that PPS from behind the arc and from midrange is almost a wash.

Opposing FG% compared to league average, Los Angeles Clippers

The Thunder, by contrast, do their damage all over the court. They are currently 4th in the league in defensive rating and 2nd in the league in opposing FG%. Their chart is almost Pacers-like.

Opposing FG% compared to league average, Oklahoma City Thunder

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