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playfair is currently only fully compatible with Chrome
v2.1 changelog
  • Data Entry
  • Text Elements
  • Style
  • Axes
Custom Axes
  • Legend Design
Select your variables from the chart tab, then come back here to see a preview of the legend and to make modifications. Currently, no legend will be created.
  • Points
  • Lines
  • Bars
  • Stacked Bars
  • Area
  • Text
  • Segments/Trend Lines
  • Shading
  • Steps
  • Rectangles
Point Style
Bar Style
Bar Style
Stacked Areas
Top/bottom bounded areas

Hover an element to highlight it temporarily.

Double-click on text to select it

Right-click to insert annotations, label data points, change element colors, and more.

Drag callouts, arrows, and floating keys.

Remember if you click the redraw button you will lose anything you have added directly to the graph!

/ : move cursor

/ : font size up/down

shift + / / / : nudge text

ctrl + b : bold

ctrl + i : italic

You can also drag the selected text around the graphing area.